I am undoubtedly hooked to Clash Royale by Supercell. It’s a strategic real-time battle arena where selective choose your deck, manage resources, and summon attacks or defenses. There are many components to the game and early on, winning battles are tough. Your team has yet to have any significant upgrades while opponents have better range of attacks. But that’s okay, if you follow some of these basic tips for Clash Royale, you will be guided to more wins, I promise.

After countless matches and learnings, here are some beginner tips, tricks, and strategy guide for you to win more matches in Clash Royale.

Mix Up Your Deck

Before starting the round, be sure to mix up your deck with high to low Elixr attacks along with ground and aerial attacks. This becomes increasingly imporant as you unlock more cards and new characters.

Don’t Be the First to Attack

Ideally, you’d like for your opponent to make the first move while you fill up on Elixr. This will allow you to defend alongside your towers while setting up a nice counterattack. This doesn’t always work, but it’s always good to be ahead of your opponent in resources. There are times when your starting deck of cards are lacking, so it’s a good opportunity to get rid of some of your weaker attacks such as your fireball which is not as relevant early in the round.

Balance Your Attacks and Defense

Defense will win you the most matches so be sure to defend as you are attacking. Although you will want to be the first to knock out your opponent’s towers, it’s important for your to salvage yours along the way.

Don’t Rush Your Attacks and Combine Forces

It’s important to build up your Elixr supply and think about what combination of cards you’d like to summon. Keep in mind that two cards can work a lot more efficiently with each other. For example, pair your Giant with your Skeleton Army. This will distract your opponents towers as your Giant creeps closer to his powerful attacks.

Skeleton Army is Your Best Friend

Although they are sensitive to arrow attacks, they are both versatile on attack and defense, especially when working with a Giant. Be sure to summon them if you see an opponent Giant or strong force come your way as the group will block the pathway towards your towers.

Manage Your Gem and Treasure Boxes

There are timers in this game and it is related to the treasure boxes. It’s important to see how long it will take for these boxes to unlock. Some take 12 hours, so it’s best start this process before you go to bed. You can still continue to play matches, but it does you no good other than help you devise new tactics. Overall, these treasure boxes will give you upgrades and new cards. You can check my website Clash Royale Hack for cheats and tricks to get gems or gold for free